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Port Canaveral Cruise Lawyers Offering Free Consultations For Passenger Injury Claims

If you are a Port Canaveral cruise ship passenger or crew member injured on a ship then you need experienced legal help. Special laws, state, federal, and international, govern injury and death claims for seaman and passengers. Statutes of limitations are shorter, sometimes just 6 months from the incident date. 

Because these accidents occur on navigable waters, either in the U.S. or foreign shores, cruise ship accidents present complex legal issues. Admiralty and maritime law may apply. These laws differ significantly from normal tort laws and may limit the injured party's right to recovery. That is why it is important to contact an experienced maritime lawyer for help. Our Port Canaveral Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers have experience filing personal injury claims against major cruise lines like Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Norwegian, Disney Cruise Lines, Holland America, Regent Seven Seas, and others. We know what to do.

Our personal injury attorneys have represented cruise ship passengers and crew members that are seriously injured in many different accident scenarios, from slip, trip and fall accidents, to defective equipment... Other common cruise ship accident claims include negligence claims. negligent supervision of ship endorsed activities, accidents resulting in injuries to children, inadequate medical care, and vessel equipment and other mechanical malfunctions. 

Companies providing transportation to and from Port Canaveral Cruises, whether from Disney World, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral or Daytona Beach, also are responsible for the safety of passengers while being transported by bus, van or car.


Have family or friends take photos if a dangerous condition caused the accident. 

Report the accident or incident immediately to the ship safety and security officer and keep a copy of any report you make.

Get the names of as many passengers or cruise ship personnel who witnessed the accident, which were in the area when the accident occurred, or who have knowledge about the condition of the area or other incidents prior to your accident occurring. 

Obtain written statements from any potential witnesses to document what they saw. 

Get immediate medical help either in the ship infirmary or off the ship.

Obtain any names of personnel who assisted you and request a copy of any documents they ask you to fill out. 

Take as many photos of the accident scene and condition of the area before the area is cleaned up. 

If a serious crime has been committed report it to the FBI. 

Send written notice of your intent to file a claim in accordance with the time limitations stated in the contract or your claim may be time barred.

Contact an experienced cruise ship accident or maritime lawyer.

Representing Port Canaveral Cruise Ship Accident Victims

Other examples of violating the legal standard of care may include the failure to warn of and failing to make safe dangerous surfaces, and other vessel equipment malfunctions. Inexperienced or inadequately trained crew members can also lead to personal injuries and harm to cruise ship passengers.

Port Canaveral Cruise ship operators are also be subject to civil liability resulting from criminal acts committed by crew members such as rape or sexual assault, and in some cases criminal acts committed by other passengers. Under general maritime law, cruise ship companies are strictly liable for criminal acts committed by crew member and members of the cruise ship staff. Regardless of your situation. you need experienced legal help and advice. Our law firm is here to assist you. Cruise ship companies have lawyers working for them, and so should you.

Complex Laws & Shorter Statutes of Limitations to File a Claim for Port Canaveral Cruise Ship Accident Victims

Port Canaveral Cruise ship accidents and death that occur at sea are different than ordinary personal injury cases. The legal issues are based on different bodies of law, which may include general maritime law, admiralty law, and even law of contract. Most passengers do not even realize that cruise line companies intentionally insert contractual provisions in passenger tickets limiting the amount of time injured parties have to file a claim or a law suit.

Port Canaveral Cruise line companies may also make passengers sign waivers before participating in some shipboard activities. Our attorneys are experienced and can help you challenge the validity of these "blanket" waivers, and other legal challenges that wait in the event of an accident or injury at sea. If cruise   ship or maritime accident, you must act quickly to preserve your legal rights.

Port Canaveral Cruise ship passengers that are injured are also usually required to give written notice of their intent to pursue a claim. Depending on the the ticket states, passengers usually have one year and sometimes less from the date of the accident to file a law suit. This gives injury victims little time to act, and sort out potential legal issues. Many times, cruise ship companies will try and make you believe they are going to resolve your claim. But don't be fooled. These are usually just tactics, as any delay could result in lost evidence and will eventually bar your right to relief.

If you believe that a Port Canaveral cruise ship operator was negligent which resulted in a crime, personal injury, or death then don't wait. Time is working against you and the cruise ship companies know it. After an accident, cruise ship risk management representatives may contact accident victims and give the "impression" they are going to do something to help. They may request you send them medical records, bills, and evidence of other out of pocket costs. These are usually just stall tactics. The more time that goes by the more difficult it is to investigate what happened.

Port Canaveral Cruise ship injuries sustained abroad can also trigger other legal issues of jurisdiction and the correct forum in which to file a law suit. It is therefore important to find an attorney in Florida who is familiar with these legal issues to handle your case 

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