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Whether you need to defend a lawsuit, sue for breach of contract, collect on debts or accounts receivable, or recover a stolen business opportunity, we have the trial expertise and experience to help you achieve success. Although primarily a personal injury firm, we have served a number of small to medium sized companies with their litigation needs. Our plaintiffs' perspective also has proven fruitful in defending tort and contract cases involving business transactions. Best of all, our transparent pricing protects your bottom line while we watch your back.

Our business and commercial litigation attorney handles a wide range of cases for local business owners, including both the prosecution and defense of complex commercial and contract disputes, claims regarding misrepresentation & fraud, and the protection of business trade names against infringement. We provide the kind of personalized litigation support that small businesses want and need, but cannot find at large Law Offices. Remember, if your written contract or an applicable statute provides for an award of attorneys fees and costs if you are the prevailing party, your case can also include these claims. Call our firm for a consultation today.


Are you an owner or partner in a sole proprietorship, general or limited partnership, joint venture, LLC, closely held corporation (S-Corp), or an investor in a local franchise? In any type of business there are numerous laws and regulations that a business must abide by.

Through every step of the business process from business planning to the sale of a business, legal decisions must be made. For example, during startup, it is important to establish management and ownership duties, file your new business with state agencies, draft and file articles of incorporation and review documents for initial capitalization. Once established, your business will be required to report financials, follow regulatory compliance, handle tax issues, and comply with many laws covering; antitrust, consumer protection, contracts, employees, environment, finances and taxes.

Businesses should also protect themselves against litigation that can arise from personal injury (workman's compensation), labor and employment (sexual harassment), wage and hour laws (overtime, weekends and holidays), employment contracts (non-compete agreements) and wrongful termination. There are legal actions that a business can take against breach of contract, interference with business relationships, unfair trade, and patent violation.

When selling your business you have three options; a merger, an acquisition or combination. It is important to have a lawyer draft a contract that will ensure the best scenario for both parties while following the state and federal antitrust laws, tax laws, securities and corporate governance requirements.

If you are looking for advice in any area of your business, make an appointment today and protect yourself now!


Looking to sell your business? Are you considering a merger, acquisition or a combination?  A merger happens when the business for sale merges with the buying business. Combinations are where two or more business combine to create a new organization. When the business for sale is a smaller corporation's assets and stock are bought by a larger corporation an acquisition is in place.

An acquisition is not a sale of one asset, rather all the assets of the business are sold. Each asset is treated as being sold separately for determining gain or loss on an individual basis. The IRS requires the assets to be categorized in four main categories:

  • Capital Assets
  • Depreciable Property
  • Real Property
  • Property held for sale to customers (inventory, stock in trade)

We can help you sort through your many business assets to ensure the best possible profit on the sale of your business. This is done through the draft and review of purchase and sales agreements as well as business contracts. The purchase and sales contract will protect both the buyer and seller of the transaction decreasing chances of future litigation. Once the business sale is final there are many other revisions to address. This may involve renegotiating employee contracts, provisions in sales contracts, noncompeting agreements and no solicitation agreements to protect your new business.

Mergers and acquisitions may result in a transaction that does not involve a sale. Consult our office to find out about assistance in exchange of stock or other assets concerning shareholders as well as the creation of a new business entity after the merger or acquisition is final.



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