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GUN TRUSTS $225.00

All persons named in the trust have to meet the following criteria:
-Be of legal age
-No prior felony convictions
-No prior mental health issues

Information we will need:
-Grantor name address and contact information
-Name of Trust (keep it short and simple)
-Name of Trustee, co-trustee and/or successor trustee address and contact information
-Name of beneficiaries address and contact information   

We have served Brevard County residents since 1976 and are an integral part of the community. Brevard County has among it’s many industries two gun manufacturers, Kel Tec and Knight’s Armament. Brevard County has several shooting ranges throughout the county indicating a large interest in the sport of shooting and hunting.  Titusville is and has been an important venue for steel shooters across the nation with the National Steel Shooting Competition held every March at the Titusville Rifle and Pistol Outdoor Range.  Since our community is quite involved in the shooting sport as well as hunting we are offering gun trusts.

If you are considering the purchase of a suppressor, silencer, fully automatic rifle, short barreled rifle (SBRs) or other Class 3 Weapon you may need a gun trust to hold the weapon. Our gun trust attorneys are knowledable in the area of creating gun trusts and will be happy to assist you.

Prior to your purchase of a trust or class 3 weapon you may want to look at the National Firearms Act (NFA)  website  as well as the frequently asked questions section athttp://www.atf.goc/firearms/faq/national-firearms-act-firearms.html

Also, visit the press release site:https://www.stf.goc/press/releases/2010/07/072910-openletter-ffl-submission-of-form-4

A gun trust is a revocable living trust which is created by the Grantor who may revoke or amend the trust anytime. The Grantor may also serve as trustee but will also require either a co-trustee or successor trustee or both. The trustee’s duty is to manage the weapons transferred to the trust and upon the death of the Grantor, distributes the weapons to the named beneficiaries in the trust.  There are no annual fees due and no state or federal tax or filing requiremrnts. The trustee cannot also serve as a beneficiary.

Setting up a gun trust is easy and can be done over the phone or by email. The charge is $225.00 for most gun trusts. Conversations with the attorney and staff is CONFIDENTIAL. In the future, if you need to change co-trustees, beneficiaries or need language changed in the trust we will charge $50.00 for the modification. If you acquire additional class 3 weapons you can simply add them to the schedule form attached to the trust. The gun trust will remain in effect until the grantor’s demise or incapacity upon which the named beneficiaries will take over possession and control. The trustee must ensure that a copy of the gun trust accompanies the weapon at all times.

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